Landmark No. 782 – Calico

Background History From California’s Office of Historic Preservation:

The Calico Mining District, which had a peak population of 3,000, produced between $13 and $20 million in silver and $9 million in borate minerals between 1881 and 1907. On April 6, 1881, several claims were located that formed the Silver King, largest mine in the district. Profitable mining of silver in the area ceased in 1896.

Location and Coordinates:

Personal Experience:

This place is also known as Silver Rush Ghost Town.  Once you enter this town you can see that it has a feel of those western movie towns.

It sits very close to the hills so you have a very nice landscape view when you face the freeway.

There are many things to do there although when we got there it was almost closing so all I could do was walk around and see the different buildings.  There are many activities that you can do there such as ATV off-road or mountain biking.  If you like to camp, there are camp sites also.  There is even a cemetery there.

The town closes at 5 pm.  I arrived just minutes after 4 pm so I did not have to pay an admission fee; otherwise, it’s $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for youths 6-15 years old.

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Landmark No. 782 - Calico


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