Landmark No. 44 – Mormon Stockade

Background History From California’s Office of Historic Preservation:

On this site in 1839 was built the first house in San Bernardino, the home of José del Carmen Lugo, one of the grantees of the San Bernardino Rancho. In 1851 a stockade of logs was built here as a protection against the Indians, in it more than a hundred families lived for over a year.

Location and Coordinates:

Personal Experience:

This place is now the old San Bernardino Courthouse.

I could not find the plaque for this landmark although I did find a place where it evidences the very likelihood that the plaques being removed.

Despite being unable to take a photo with the state landmark plaque, the county of San Bernardino has its own landmark sign.  This is better than nothing.

Photo Gallery:

Landmark No. 44 - Mormon Stockade

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