Landmark No. 372 – Adobe de Palomares

Background History From California’s Office of Historic Preservation:

Completed about 1854 and restored in 1939, this was the family home of Don Ygnacio Palomares. Governor Juan B. Alvarado granted Rancho San Jose to Don Ygnacio and Don Ricardo Vejar in 1837.

Location and Coordinates:

  • 491 E Arrow Hwy, Pomona.
  • 34°05’26″N 117°44’35″W

Personal Experience:

There is an old school oven that was being used to make pizza dough when I was there.  It’s a rather large location with a driveway, a well, picnic area, an outside old school oven and a detached garage area posed as a “blacksmith area.”  There was some public event going on at the picnic area but I seem to have arrived towards the end since it looked like they were cleaning up.

They made the inside of the house an actual museum with a lot of artifacts.  No photography allowed inside the house so I was not able to take pictures.

I tried to take a picture of the landmark plaque; however, it was stolen by a thief.  I was told that the plaques are made out of iron so people like to steal them to melt it and use it for whatever purposes they may need.  Shame on you thieves!

Photo Gallery:

Landmark No. 372 - Adobe de Palomares

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