Landmark No. 127 – Casa de Governor Pio Pico

Background History From California’s Office of Historic Preservation:

Following the Mexican War, Pío Pico, last Mexican governor, acquired 9,000-acre Rancho Paso de Bartolo and built here an adobe home that was destroyed by the floods of 1883-1884. His second adobe casa, now known as Pío Pico Mansion, represents a compromise between Mexican and American cultures. While living here the ex-Governor was active in the development of American California.

Location and Coordinates:

  • 6003 Pioneer Blvd, Whittier.
  • 33°59’37″N 118°04’16″W

Personal Experience:

This is a quite large piece of real estate that sits right next to the 605 Freeway.  Right on the corner of Pioneer Blvd. and Whittier Blvd.  It was very easy to find.

The outside has a walkway that reminds me of a vineyard in a way.  This place also has an outside oven just like the one at Adobe de Palomares.  Very cool.  The inside of the mansion is much like a museum with artifacts, photographs and information about Pío Pico.  You can also watch a 15 minute video about the place but I did not do that.  Renovations were done to this landmark in 2000.

Photo Gallery:

Landmark No. 127 - Casa de Governor Pio Pico


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