Landmark No. 681 – Paradox Hybrid Walnut Tree

Background History From California’s Office of Historic Preservation:

Planted in 1907 by George Weinshank and assistants under the direction of Professor Ralph Smith as part of an experimental planting for the University of California Experiment Station, this tree stands as a monument to the early cooperation of state educational system with local walnut industry.

Location and Coordinates:

Personal Experience:

This landmark was quite an uneventful visit.  It was not because of the gloomy weather, the fact that it was starting to sprinkle or even the homeless carts that were right under the tree.  It is the fact that the tree does not have any remarkable resemblance of an actual landmark.

If you just drove down the street, you would think that this was an unkept tree that houses the homeless.  I was only able to tell it was a landmark because I saw a photo of this tree prior to visiting it.

Photo Gallery:

Landmark No. 681 - Paradox Hybrid Walnut Tree

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