Landmark No. 942 – Rancho Santa Ana del Chino

Background History From California’s Office of Historic Preservation:

Near this site, Isaac Williams in 1841 built a large adobe home, located on the 22,000-acre Rancho Chino which he acquired from his father-in-law Antonio Lugo. The ‘Battle of Chino’ occurred at the adobe on September 26-27, 1846, during which 24 Americans were captured by a group of about 50 Californios. Located on the Southern Immigrant Trail to California, the adobe later became an inn and stage stop famous for its hospitality.

Location and Coordinates:

Personal Experience:

Lots of people out shopping on Black Friday.  I decided to visit a couple of landmarks.

As you can see from the photos, the landmark is now the home of firehouse station no. 62 for the Chino Valley Fire Department; however, it is no longer in operation since they moved the fire station to 5551 Butterfield Ranch Road, Chino Hills.  The fire station was used as the fire department training center but I did not see any signs that the building was being used when I visited the location.

Photo Gallery:

 Landmark No. 942 - Rancho Santa Ana del Chino

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